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Get rid of that bag of receipts forever!

Modernize your organization with some #CloudAccounting

One thing business owners, managers, employees, and accountants all hate is that dreaded brown paper bag or box full of receipts that just seems to keep piling up. Sorting through and filing your receipts and expense reports on time is critically important and is also one of the most hated tasks so it often gets put off.

Most companies require their employees to submit an expense report each month, often an excel-type template itemizing their expenses and attaching those receipts to the report for approval and reimbursement. This is a very manual and time-consuming process and is prone to errors.

The excel expense report then usually gets sent on to the accounting department where the information is re-entered into the accounting system. This is a classic example of double work which just wastes time and can lead to mistakes.

Did you know there is a MUCH better and cleaner way?

By using the latest in cloud accounting software, employees can have a simple App on their phone which snaps a photo of their receipt and uses AI to read the information and categorize the data into the accounting software automatically by date, the amount spent, expense type, department, etc. A copy of the receipt is also saved within the software for future reference or if needed in an audit.

Each employee’s expenses can then be simply reviewed and approved (or not) by their manager in one central location within the software with the simple click of a button. Voila! No more paper. No more excel sheets. No more brown bags or shoeboxes! A truly streamlined modern and digital experience.

You’ll have happier employees, happier managers, happier accountants, and a lot more time to focus on more important areas of the business.

Japan Outsourcing Solutions is a certified XERO and Money Forward Cloud partner and we can get your team set up and trained on the easy-to-use XERO Expense App if you would like an English-based system, or Money Forward Cloud if your team prefers a Japanese system.

Contact us today to make the pain of receipt filing go away!


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