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Back office support: Services
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Company Formation | Directorship | Banking | Back Office 

Setting up a company in Japan can be a little daunting for a foreign business person or entity. All of our company establishment services are designed to make the process as easy and stress-free as possible. We will take care of all the heavy lifting, and get you operational as soon as possible. 

Company Establishment and Back Office Services Include:
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Company Establishment

First, we advise on what kind of company is right for your business needs, then our bilingual team can interface with local lawyers and other professionals needed to successfully establish and register your business in Japan. 

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Bank Account Set-up & Administration

We have good relations with multiple banks in Japan and are familiar with the pros and cons of each service, we can help you navigate which bank to choose and take care of the paperwork and application for successful establishment.

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HR Support

In addition to our payroll service, we also offer advice and work with local labor specialists and lawyers to help with contracts recruitment, office rules creation and registration.

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Back Office

As well as registered office, we also offer directorship services, bank account and Hanko administration, localization, and translation and can help with contract negotiations and representation in Japan. 

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