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Business Traveler's Entry Requirements to Japan

Updated 04/11/2022

One of our overseas clients asked if we could help them with their upcoming visit to Japan, more specifically the latest visa requirements and Covid protocols for business travelers. Here is the current requirements from the Japanese government, this will most likely change in the coming weeks and months, but is valid as of April 11th. For all clients who wish to have more information or who need help, please feel free to contact us.

Short-term Visa For Business

To enter Japan for up to 90 days for business-related purposes.

The application is broken into two sides, the business traveler and the inviting company/ individual.

For the business traveler you will need to prepare:

  • Visa application form

  • Passport and copy of passport photo page

  • Flight booking confirmation

  • Letter from the applicant's company (to say that you are required to travel on business)

*If you are traveling from a country where you are not a passport holder, you will need a valid work visa for this country, and documentation to prove that.

Prepared by the inviting company/guarantor in Japan

  • Letter of Invitation

  • An ERFS certificate (Entrants, Returnees Follow-up System) To get this certificate companies must register online with detailed company information including the contact information of the individual responsible for the traveler.

  • A detailed trip itinerary including hotel information, meetings scheduled with whom, etc.

Also, In most cases also the following will be required:

  • Letter of guarantee (The inviting company will be responsible for the traveler's behavior, incurred expenses, etc)

  • A certified copy of the incorporation register and/or an overview of the inviting company/ or organization

The application can take up to 2 weeks to be approved so please allow plenty of time!

If you would like help with your application, please contact the JOS team today.

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