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How to establish a Company in Japan

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

In Japan, most companies go with a Kabushiki Gaisha (KK for short) which is a Ltd. Company, as it usually meets the prerequisite for business partnerships. However, it is possible to make a Godo Gaisha (GK) too.

There is no requirement for paid-in capitol, however this may be a problem for certain companies who have strict partner/vendor requirements.

Company set up requirements

- You are required to have at least one shareholder, a resident of Japan or overseas resident ok.

- You must have a registered director in Japan (This can be a nominee director)

- You must have a bank account

- You must have a registered address in Japan

Incorporation procedure

1. First you must make a company seal and register it with the name of the representative director

2. You must create and register the articles of association with the Japan legal Affairs Bureau (this will contain the companies name, address, activities of the company, directors information and ID, distribution of shares info and information regarding paid-in capitol.

3. If the documents are in order, we can then register the company and the seal with the legal affairs bureau

4. Then you must register with the tax office (within 2 months of incorporation) there are other provisions for payroll registration and application for tax return extension.

That is the incorporation procedure. Following the above, and once you hire staff there is also a need for more registration work for social insurance etc. We can also help guide you through this.

The time taken to do the initial set up

Gathering all the necessary documents and setting up a bank account can be quite time consuming (and a tad frustrating!). Using Japan Outsourcing Solutions will save considerable time given our familiarity with the procedures and relationship with banks etc. leaving you to focus on the business itself.

Related services we offer:

- A nominee directorship service ( there is an internal due diligence process for our group to approve this)

- Registered office: Use our address as your place of business

- Seals custodian:

- Payroll set up and ongoing monthly calculations, registering of new employees into national pension and insurance, issuing of payslips, year-end adjustments for staff etc.

- Full Accounting service including reporting in English

- Payments including bills, wages, tax and insurance payments etc.

- Help with your year-end tax filing


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